Friday, June 13, 2003

I find myself concerned about the human condition; how we seem to be deteriorating rapidly; growing further apart; not co-operating. Then I pass a huge housing complex and I wonder at the amount of peaceful co-existence required to keep this going. This is not just hive mentality; this is something way beyond that. We have multiple, complex layers of society, that work in spite of government, laws, and rules. They work by pure human will. We want it, so it is. Can this really break down? Or is this a matter of human nature? Like the universe, we tend towards order. We abhor chaos.


How much great writing (thoughts) have we lost due to immature technology (laziness)?

I'm writing on a Palm. Out of sheer convenience. This device has allowed me to capture thoughts otherwise lost – especially on the road. Without it, some great wisdom would be lost.

Before you accuse me of being arrogant, I believe all thoughts to be wisdom if they can be used. Humans are a huge workgroup, requiring large numbers and lots of time. Some are catalysts and some are engines. We need to be able to rapidly share this information to make it useful. Nothing is truly original; everything grows from something.

Now we just need to use this technology to expand the workgroup and shrink the divide.


I find it ironic that I write these thoughts on Easter - the anniversary of the death of one of Earth's greatest philosophers - the greatest cheerleader of humanity. A man who believed that we truly could be great if we just quit hating.

I believe him. I share his dream.

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