Thursday, October 14, 2004

Canadian Tire Guy

That's it! I've had enough!

I've always had a hate on for that curly-haired, bespectacled Canadian Tire guy. You know the one; he show's up to "help" a neighbour in every commercial by belittling their abilities and showing off his latest tool from Canadian Tire.

But this latest commercial has gone too far!

I've always assumed that I have a character weakness that causes me to overreact to this guy. Maybe he actually is just trying to help and not just be a jerk. But the latest commercial makes me think I'm right. In fact, the commercial seems to be set up to prove we should dislike this guy.

In this one, his neighbour (one we've never seen before - how many next door neighbours does this guy have? Do they keep moving away?) is stuck in his driveway, snow blasting all around him, and his car won't start. Enter the annoying guy, who explains that his car won't start because his oil is wrong. He should have used 'blah blah'. After giving the guy a lecture on the proper use of oil, his neighbour explains, "I had no idea". To which Canadian Tire guy replies - wait for it - "I know".

Okay, I'm not prone to violence, but that deserved a punch in the face.

This is the same guy who taunts his neighbour (another one) by quickly getting his backyard cleanup chores done using his brand new pressure washer, while his neighbour is forced to clean by hand. When he's completed the task, he waves to his neighbour as he leaves for golf - but never offers to loan him his pressure washer. This is the same guy who after agreeing to go and buy a neighbour a specific kind of brakes, returns with something different - not because he couldn't get them, but because the ones he brings back are better.

What is with this guy? Why does Canadian Tire think that we will identify with him?

Actually, as I think about it, I do remember what each and every product he pushes is. Maybe they're on to something...

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