Friday, June 11, 2004

The Global Workgroup

I am a believer in community. As a species, we have survived and developed through strong collaboration — information sharing is crucial to our success. The Internet has provided a method of communication unparalleled in history. Through this medium, we can explore, share, question, dream and learn.

Open Source is a movement that is built on our desire - our need - to share. It makes the creative process into a shared experience, transcending borders, languages and cultures. And it encourages advancement. Its open communication is exactly what this world needs to begin solving its differences.

We need to expand the Open Source concepts into more of our industries and arts - especially those that directly affect our growth - health and education.

To do this, we need to reinvent some of our social and commercial platforms that we've built our societies on. Understandably, many industries and leaders see Open Source as a threat to their well-being. Instead of fighting, we need to work to redefine these platforms so we can create new businesses that allow the freedom and growth of Open Source. I encourage you to share your ideas on these concepts.

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