Monday, June 14, 2004

Politicians and 'My' Canada

The Liberals are trying to turn the election into one that hinges on Canadian culture and identity. They would have us believe that if the new Conservatives are elected, they will destroy the foundations that make us Canadian.

Now, there may actually be some validity in that fear, but what makes them think I believe that they are the protectors of my Canada?

Their own advertisements talk about Canadians looking after each other. How exactly were they looking after us as they recklessly mis-spent our money? The HRDC, under the Liberals, lost millions of dollars. When I say lost, I mean misplaced - they don't know where it went. Their (our) leader of the time responded with a shrug, saying it was only a couple of million. And we don't even need to mention the advertising scandal - that may even have been criminal.

They also like to bring up how they will save health care. Conveniently, they like to forget that it was they (the Liberals) who cut the health care transfer payments to the provinces, starting the mess the system is now in.

Thanks for looking after me, fellow Canadian!

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